The Waldorf School of Santa Barbara is committed to providing a healthy, broad, reverent education that honors the head, heart, hands—the whole—of the child. Drawing on a rigorous, developmentally appropriate, and beauty-attuned curriculum, our Waldorf education cultivates the full flowering of the individual student and the community at large, understanding the profound interdependence of both.

The Waldorf School of Santa Barbara seeks to not merely reflect society but help guide and shape it.


Our Core Values

At the Waldorf School of Santa Barbara, we affirm and practice the following core values:

  • HOLISTIC EDUCATION: We educate the body, mind, and spirit of each child according to the principles of Steiner education, balancing academic vigor, heart intelligence, and artistic expression.

  • COURAGE: We embody the strength of heart of St. Michael, which inspires our confidence to see the opportunities for growth hidden inside each challenge.

  • INTEGRITY: We personally and collectively take responsibility for what we say and do, striving to be true to our deepest selves and faithful to the mission of the school.

  • REVERENCE: We deeply respect the blossoming individuality of each child within our sacred world, recognizing the profound interdependence of all living things.

  • RELATIONSHIP: We nurture the community through the relationships within which all learning happens, treating each other with mutual respect and loving kindness.

  • EXCELLENCE: We commit to personal and collective growth as we offer a rich, rigorous, educational experience based on our understanding of the human being in the light of anthroposophy.

  • FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: We, as conscious stewards, responsibly acquire and manage financial resources to empower our school and its mission.